We are the ones who populate people's instagram feeds with photos of each meal we have when we travel. We were among the first adopters in our generation to call ourselves "foodies." Food has been our livelihood, working in kitchens and then as photojournalists doing restaurant reviews for newspapers and blogs, and then with Bowerbird Photography as food photography specialists. 

Food is a story about how we are all connected: from the chef who prepared the meal, to the people who transported the food and the people who prepared their meals, to the farmers and people who prepared their meals, and to the land and the water and the compost and the worms and the microbes and the sun and the moon. Food reminds us of home, and it reminds us of the adventures we've had together abroad. Food is our shared story, and taking photos of it honors a sense of togetherness, creativity, and generosity.

Below are some samples of our food photography honoring two chefs, Renee and Daniela, and their delicious creations. 

Whether for events, websites, promotional materials, or cookbooks, Bowerbird Photography takes photos of all kinds of food and the stories that arise from our love for sharing meals together. Email us at, or call us at 415.312.8545, and let's get cooking!